Here I provide the teaching material of my Theoretical Cosmology MSc course, which I organized and gave twice at the University of Basel (in Autumn 2019 and Spring 2021). The lectures were heavily based on the excellent Baumann’s cosmology lecture notes.

Introductory slides


Lecture notes

  • Handwritten lecture notes (2021 edition) [pdf]
  • Corrections to lecture notes [pdf]

Exercise sheets

Note: The exercise sheets were worked out together with Ken Marschall.

  • Exercise sheet 1 - Geometry and dynamics of the universe [pdf]
  • Exercise sheet 2 - Thermal universe (1st part) [pdf]
  • Exercise sheet 3 - Thermal universe (2nd part) [pdf]
  • Exercise sheet 4 - Inflation (1st part) [pdf]
  • Exercise sheet 5 - Inflation (2nd part) [pdf]