Paco Torrenti's website

Welcome to my website! My name is Francisco Torrenti (akas Paco Torrenti), and I am currently a “Maria Zambrano” postdoctoral fellow at U. Valencia and IFIC. Previously, I have been a postdoctoral researcher at U. Basel, and a PhD candidate at IFT, Madrid.

My research is focused on the interface between cosmology and fundamental physics. My main objective is to understand better what happened during the first instants of the universe, and its connection with high energy physics models and potential observational signatures. I am also a main developer of CosmoLattice, a code for lattice simulations of non-linear field dynamics in an expanding universe

You can learn a bit more about my research, my teaching and my software by using the links above.

  • New website!

    After several years of delay, I have finally managed to create my own personal website. I have added a bit of information about myself. It’s still a bit empty, but I’ll try to keep it updated and add more contents as time goes on. [Read More]